Monday, August 27, 2012

Writing Reality

I enjoyed a matinee of Ruby Sparks this weekend.  The premise is that a brilliant young writer, somewhat less brilliant in his emotional life, writes a character with whom he falls in love.  And beyond the bounds of what we accept as real or sane he writes her into existence.

Why is this beyond the bounds?  Long ago, people developed foundational stories that were brought together to form what we know as the Bible.  These stories essentially wrote God into existence for what would become generation upon generation upon generation.  Ironically, within the stories God authors us into existence with words of creation.

Yet even with this history, we find it unbelievable that a young man might write his lover (or anyone) into being.

The movie leaves us with plenty of questions to ask ourselves.  For now, I'm at: How is it that we humans are at once so expansive and so small minded?  How do we determine which approach is sane (or crazy) in any given circumstance? (Spoiler alert:  I'm particularly fond of the French fluency test in the movie.)