Monday, October 11, 2010

E-Dialogue Between 40-Somethings (okay…much, much closer to 50-somethings): A True Story

Note:  This has absolutely nothing to do with the typical themes of the Baker’s Dozen Press blog.  But there’s always room for humor, right?

11am – Noon 
  • While I am holding a meeting in my office, the landline rings three times; I ignore it until the meeting concludes.

  • I check messages; my husband’s mobile device (I can’t call a Droid Incredible a mere cell phone, can I?) has been calling from his pocket. 
  • I phone my husband, from my office landline to his Droid.
  •  He answers “This is Brad,” indicating that he did not look at the device to find out who was calling. I say, “Please lock your phone.  It called me from your pocket three times while I was trying to hold a meeting.” 
  • “Sorry.”

12:39-12:44 pm 
  • I find a text message on my Droid (yes, his-and-hers; how sweet.) It’s from him.  It says, “You called?” 
  • Me, 12:39 pm text: “I called you to say stop butt-calling me.  We spoke."
  • Him, 12:42 pm text: “But what?” 
  • Me, 12:44 pm text:  Calling from your butt pocket. Butt-calling. Other than when I spoke to you about that…no, I have not called since asking about your emergency blinkers.”
The emergency blinkers?  That was at 7:40 am.  As we both pulled away from the traffic signal near our home, heading to work, I saw them blinking on his truck.  I called, Droid to Droid.  I just noticed your emergency blinkers; are you okay?  Yes; the fuse is out in my left turn signal, so I needed to find an alternative signaling device.

12:45 pm 
  • I realize that his original text message was time-stamped 11:33 am, ½-hour before I called him about butt-messaging (though I could swear it wasn’t there earlier). So who knows why he’d thought I’d called him.  Perhaps he was looking at his call history where our 7:40 am conversation had been documented?

Why are our mobile devices called “Incredible?” Because the makers realized just how incredible it would be if they could help near-50-somethings like us to communicate.  Sort of.
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  1. This is great! Art butt-calls the house all the time, including when he is sitting on the couch in the den. We also have similar "deep" conversations, but ours are Blackberry to Blackberry! Thanks for sharing.